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Financial Analyst Salary And Job Description

Financial Analyst salary is handsome. It is one of the high paying jobs. Financial Analyst salary range is from $ 47,000 to $ 150,000 and it is quite evenly spread out. Financial analysts are highly valued in many firms. They are the leading people to consult before making investments. They are the ones who analyze the market ( stock market, bond market, housing market etc ) and other elements of finance and trade. Thus, they help companies and individuals on investment strategies.

Average Salary : 
The national average financial analyst salary is $ 90,000. This puts the job of financial analyst among the higher paying jobs.

Salary by state :
Financial analyst salary variation by state is as follows.

  • States where salary is high are Texas (TX), Virginia (VA), New York (NY), Connecticut (CT), Massachusetts (MA), New Jersey (NJ), D.C. , Colorado (CO), Wyoming (WY), California (CA), Oregon (OR), Washington (WA) and Alaska (AL).  
  • States where the salary is low are South Dakota (SD), Mississippi (MI), Kentucky (KY), West Virginia (WV). 
  • By far the highest salary is in the state of New York in White Plains. Other metropolitan areas where salary is high are San Francisco (CA), Bridgeport (CT), Portland (OR) and obviously New York City (NYC). 
  • Employment opportunities are great in metropolitan areas of New York City (NYC), Washington D.C. , Los Angeles (CA), Dallas (TX) and in Atlanta (GA). 
There is quite a difference in salary of financial analysts based on their credentials and experience. 
  • Chartered financial analyst salary is much more than non-chartered financial analysts. CFA is the designation that they receive after completion of the program and a test. 
  • Senior financial analyst salary is higher than the average national salary. The salary increases with level of education (Masters degree ) and by working for a larger firm. 
  • Junior financial analyst salary is lower than the national average. Starting salary or entry level salary is close to $ 50,000. 
In fact, most financial analysts work to get certified. A recognized designation helps to get employed at a notable company and get more salary. 

Job requirements and description : The basic requirement is bachelor's degree in finance, accounting or business administration. However, it may not be sufficient to get a great job. One has to cruise through certification process and also prove through excellent performance. The job requires analysing the different kinds of markets on a stock market, managing a company's investment portfolio and guiding investors in better investment strategies.
There are stock exchanges in different parts of the world. Financial analysts are therefore in many parts of the world. The salary of financial analyst in UK in a major firm is around 60,000 British pound. In Germany, the salary of financial analyst is around 45,000 EURO. 

Financial analysts are very important people in a company. They handle money matters and how the firm looks to investors. They are of two types - buy side analysts and sell side analysts. They are also hired by insurance companies, credit rating companies and credit inter mediation. 

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Computer Science Salary And Degree

Computer Science salary is one of the highest average salaries for any job in the world. One of the most interesting things about computer science degree is that it offers excellent pay right after a college graduate degree. People who do masters and doctoral in computer science get even higher salaries. The salary is often  more than six figures. The salary of computer science graduates ranges from $ 57,000 to $ 150,000 and beyond. In many cases, the starting salary itself is $ 100,000 given the high demand versus scarcity of computer science majors.

Average Computer Science Salary : 
The national average salary of computer science degree holders is $ 102,000. This makes it one of the highest paying jobs on the basis of average salary in United States. And it is not that the software companies based in California are the only employers that pay this much. Computer Science graduates are hired by government, as scientists, and as teachers in universities and colleges.

Salary by state : 
Now, we explore the variation of computer science salary in different states of USA.
  • Surprisingly, the highest paying state is not California ( CA ). It is one of the highest paying states. The highest salary is in Minnesota (MN) where salary of computer science graduate is $ 130,000. Other states with higher salaries are Virginia ( VA), District of Columbia (D.C.) , New Jersey (NJ ) and California (CA). 
  • The salary is low in Kansas (KS), Tennessee (TN ), Texas (TX) , Utah (UT) and New York (NY ). 
  • The cities where the salary is highest are Oakland (CA), Minneapolis (MN) and San Francisco (CA). 
  • There are many locations in which is there is hardly any employment for computer scientists. 
Employment opportunities are good in California (CA), Texas (TX), New York (NY), Virginia (VA), Illinois (IL) and Washington (WA). 

Let us compare the salary in USA with salary in some other countries of the world. 
Computer Science salary in UK : The average salary for computer science professionals in UK is 50,000 british pound. 

Computer Science salary in Canada : The average salary here is $ 54,000. 

Computer Science degree:  Getting a degree in computer science is not easy. It is one of the challenging careers. Employers prefer to hire students who have studied from noted universities in this field. Albeit, there is very high employment opportunities , partly because of the complete dependence on computer systems and secondly because of the rapidly growing start-ups in this field. There is ample scope for research and application. 

Job description : This really depends on the industry and the kind of job that you are taking. Computer science as well as engineering have applications in almost every nook and corner of any industry. Our entire modern world runs on computers, simulations, programs and software. One can get a job in IT sector with one of the many firms . One can become a research scientist in technical universities. One can take up the job of a teacher or professor in universities. 

Computer Science is often compared with com puter engineering which is an equally rewarding profession. 
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Nutritionist Salary, Degree And Certification

Nutritionist salary, degree and certification. Nutritionist and dietitian are diet experts who advise people on how to eat healthy and live happily. They are hired by people to plan their diet for special purposes, like sports, weight loss or low sugar diet for diabetic patients. Their salary ranges from $ 34,000 to $ 77,000 in the USA. They have the option to take a job or work as self employed providing their advice to clients directly.

Average Salary : 
The national average Nutritionist salary is $ 55,000 which is decent. However, a lot of preparation is needed to become a nutritionist. Their hourly salary is $ 26. This job's salaries vary a lot from state to state.

Nutritionist salary by state : 

  • The highest paying states are the western coastal states of Alaska (AK), California (CA), Oregon (OR), Washington (WA) and also Nevada (NV). The salary is also high in eastern coastal states of New York (NY), Connecticut (CT), Delaware (DE), Rhode Island (RI), Massachusetts (MA) , New Jersey (NJ), Maryland (MD) and D.C. as well. 
  • Among these, the highest average nutritionist salary is in Maryland. 
  • States where salary is much lower than average are Pennsylvania (PA), South Carolina (SC) and Utah (UT). 
Cities with the highest salary are located in California (CA) like Vallejo, Santa Barbara, Oakland and Sacramento. However, the highest nutritionist salary is in Rockville, Maryland (MD). The salary is also higher in Las Vegas, Nevada and New York City (NYC) due to high demand of nutritionists an dietitians in the city. 

Nutritionist Job Description : They are trained in the nutritional qualities of different foods. So, they are able to create diet plans for various types of diverse requirements. They are thus hired in many firms, health clubs and also as personal nutritionists. Nutritionists have their niche and the salary varies by niche. 
  • Sports Nutritionist : They make diet plans for sportsperson and are a crucial member of any sports team, be it football or ice hockey. Average salary of sports nutritionist is $ 51,000. 
  • Clinical nutritionist are high in demand. They are employed in hospitals and nursing centers and the average salary is $56,000. 
  • Pediatric nutritionist salary ranges from $ 39,000 to $ 64,000 and it is well segregated depending upon the employer. The salary is high in federal government jobs. Pediatric or child nutritionist help parents to improve the nutrition in diet of an infant and as he or she grows. 
  • Veterinary nutritionist : They are vets ( doctors ) who are experts in nutrition requirements of animals, so they are also termed as animal nutritionists. People consult them for nutrition details of pets. They also advice on diet for farm animals etc. One may be surprised to know that veterinary nutritionists earn about $ 200,000 which is twice the six figure income. 
Requirements to become a nutritionist : The main requirement is to possess a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition Science. This is the preferred education. However, Bachelors degree in related streams like Food Service Management can also get you a job as nutritionist. In most US states, license is required to practice as a nutritionist. So, one has to find out the license requirements and complete them to obtain the required license. Most employers also require nutritionists to be certified nutritionist. For that, one has to pass a certification exam
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Paramedic Salary , Jobs And Training

Paramedic salary, jobs and training. Paramedics are actually EMT staff (Emergency Medical Technician ). They are more skilled EMT and are also called EMT-P. Paramedics are specialist and they can also administer medicine. Their salary range from $ 19,000 to $ 54,000. Paramedics who achieve another level of specialization, like Critical Care Paramedic earn more.

Average Salary : 
The national average paramedic salary in USA is $ 31,000. It is close to this value everywhere. In terms of hourly wage, they receive $ 14 per hour. The job requires handling pressure and nerves very well. It is one of the jobs where there is immense value of time. Decision making and excellent use of skills are required on a daily basis.

Salary by State for Paramedics : 

  • Highest paying states for Paramedics are similar to those for general EMT. The highest average pay is in Alaska (AK), Washington D.C. , Oregon (OR), Maryland (MD) and Hawaii (HI). 
  • Florida (FL), Colorado (CO), Minnesota (MN) , New York (NY) and California (CA) have average to above average salaries for paramedics. There is high employment scope in these states. 
Paramedic salary also depends on specialization that they achieve. 
  • Flight paramedic salary : They take patients in helicopters and planes. It is quite a thrilling job with many responsibilities. Flight paramedic salary is on average $ 36,000. This shows that the additional specialization and certification leads to rise in pay. 
  • Firefighter paramedic salary : They are firefighters who have the additional skill of paramedics. They earn more than $ 36,000 on average and the pay can increase up to $ 64,000. 
  • Critical Care Paramedics are highly paid in comparison to all other paramedics. Their salary is on average more than $ 50,000 in USA. But, Critical Care Paramedics require additional certification. 
  • International paramedic : These jobs are offered overseas. Some jobs are offered in non profit organizations that work for the benefit of people in remote areas. It is quite a challenging. The salary is obviously not definite and they depend from location to location and the employer. 
Paramedic salary in Canada : The average paramedic salary for paramedic in Canada is between $ 60,000 to $ 80,000. Specialist paramedics like critical care and advanced paramedics can make more than $ 100,000 in Canada. That is why some people think about moving to Canada if they are trained as paramedics. 

Paramedic Job Requirements : To become a paramedic, one needs to become an EMT and then rise through the levels ( EMT -B, EMT I - 85, EMT I/99 ) to EMT -P (Paramedic). The requirement to become a paramedic is to first be a certified EMT and then complete the number of hours of training for paramedic at a training school. This is done as a 2 year degree program in a college. After completing a series of certifications, like IV, and courses in Advanced Cardiac Life Support etc, one can apply for licensing exam. After getting licensed, one can apply for a job as paramedic. The education is costly so one should plan properly beforehand. 
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Architect Salary And Job Description For Landscape And 3D Home Designers

Architect Salary And Job Description For Landscape And Home Designers. No doubt architect is one of the well sought after jobs in the world. They are skilled at drafting and engineering drawing. Many architects get to start their own firm and run their own business. Their salary range is $ 40,000 to $ 110,000. Some architects become well known in the industry for their excellent quality and unique work and they are generally paid much higher than the range mentioned.

Average Salary :
The average architect salary in USA is $ 72,000 which converts into a hourly salary of $ 32. They generally have to work hard in the initial stages of their career. There are many classes of architects, like Architect I, Architect II etc. They are titled on the basis of experience. The salary depends mainly on the talent of an architect, his or her experience which includes the number of successful projects completed. Accolades like awards and felicitations also put an impact.

Salary by state :

  • There is some noticeable trend in the salaries for architects. The highest paying states seem to be Texas, California and Connecticut. 
  • A general observation is that salary is typically higher in metropolitan cities. These cities are Orlando, Florida (FL), New York city (NYC), Las Vegas , Nevada (NV), Chicago, Illinois (IL) and Los Angeles, California (CA). 
  • Other areas generally have lower than average income because the bulk of employment is concentrated in these cities. 
Architect Salary In UK : The average architect salary in UK is around 43,000 British Pound. In Canada, the average architect salary is $ 91,000 which is way higher than the salary in USA or UK. That is why, people may relocate to Canada for better job opportunities with a higher pay. In Australia, the average salary for architects is very close to the USA average. Similarly in Germany, the salary is 37,500 EUR. 

Architect Job Description : 
They make the plans of buildings and houses. They use specialized tools and equipment, like drafting table and drafter. They are experts in engineering drawing. Their main task is to draw a design plan for the building as requested for the client and then discuss with constructors and client about feasibility of a project. There are mainly three types of architects and we are not talking about software architects here. They are  - Landscape architects, Home ( residential architects ) and Naval architects ( they design the plans of ships and vessels ). 

How to become an Architect ? 
It is a time taking process. 
  • The first requirement is a Bachelor's degree in Architecture. If someone has done a Bachelors in some other field of study, then they have to do a Masters in Architecture. 
  • The, they have to do internship training under licensed architects for 2 to 3 years. This varies from country to country. 
  • Then, they have to pass the registration exam held by the state. 
This way they get the license to work as architects. Ten they can either work for firms and companies or start their own business. Clients meet with architects and they give quotes for their work. In a job, an architect gets salary, benefits and bonus. 3D home designer architects can get more money because they use CAD software for a clear 3D view of a future construction.  
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Flight Attendant Salary, Jobs And How To Become

Flight Attendant salary, jobs and how to become a Flight Attendant. They wear impressive uniforms and are the ones who perform many activities on a flight. Flight Attendants salary range is $ 27,000 to $ 70,000. Starting salary is often less than $ 30,000. The profession is tough and highly demanding. It is filled mostly by female and males are slowly increasing in number. Flight attendants also take care of the safety of a flight.

Average Salary :
The national average flight attendant salary is $ 37,000. Hourly salary is $ 18. Their salary depends on geographical region and the airline carrier in which they work. There is intense competition for the few job openings that are released from time to time.

Salary by state : 
Bulk of the total employment is concentrated in the huge metropolitan cities in about 10 states.

  • States with highest paying salary are Texas (TX) , Minnesota (MN) ,Indiana (IN) , Georgia (GA) and New Jersey (NJ). Salary is often high only in metro cities, like Atlanta in Georgia.
  • States with flight attendant salary lower than average are Utah (UT) and Colorado (CO). In Denver, CO, the salary is lower than the average of metros. 
Cities with the highest paying salary for flight attendants are Dallas and Houston in Texas (TX), New York city (NYC), Seattle, Washington (WA) and Rayleigh , North Carolina (NC). Annual salary is close to average in San Francisco , California and Chicago, Illinois.

Flight Attendant job description : They really have a lot of work to do. The job of a flight attendant can be tiring as they have to take care of passengers on each flight. These are the tasks they have to do.

  • They serve the passengers with everything the airline carrier has on its menu. So, they carry food and beverages like tea, soft drinks. 
  • They help passengers with safety. This is in regard to seat belts and making passengers comfortable during take off and landing. Take off of an aeroplane is usually shaky. 
  • They help moms with infants on the flight and also senior citizens. 
  • They also maintain peace and order in the flight. In case of any suspicion on any passenger, they keep an eye on the passenger. 
  • Flight attendants also pacify people who have fear of flying, which is a kind of phobia. 
The career is nice and most people report it as satisfying. There is a bit of glamour about this job because of the gorgeous costume they get to wear. The uniforms are custom designed by airline carriers to look great. 

How to become a flight attendant ? 
It depends on the hiring process of the airline carrier for which you are applying. There are a lot more applications than the number of jobs offered. 
  • The only requirements are a high school diploma and satisfying the height, weight and age criteria. They usually take slim and healthy young women. 
  • However, the chances of getting a job increase if you have a graduate degree, preferably in communications, sociology etc. 
  • Learning a foreign language is a great boost in landing a job.  
  • Professional training with an airline company really helps the most in getting a better job. 
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