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Architect Salary And Job Description For Landscape And 3D Home Designers

Architect Salary And Job Description For Landscape And Home Designers. No doubt architect is one of the well sought after jobs in the world. They are skilled at drafting and engineering drawing. Many architects get to start their own firm and run their own business. Their salary range is $ 40,000 to $ 110,000. Some architects become well known in the industry for their excellent quality and unique work and they are generally paid much higher than the range mentioned.

Average Salary :
The average architect salary in USA is $ 72,000 which converts into a hourly salary of $ 32. They generally have to work hard in the initial stages of their career. There are many classes of architects, like Architect I, Architect II etc. They are titled on the basis of experience. The salary depends mainly on the talent of an architect, his or her experience which includes the number of successful projects completed. Accolades like awards and felicitations also put an impact.

Salary by state :

  • There is some noticeable trend in the salaries for architects. The highest paying states seem to be Texas, California and Connecticut. 
  • A general observation is that salary is typically higher in metropolitan cities. These cities are Orlando, Florida (FL), New York city (NYC), Las Vegas , Nevada (NV), Chicago, Illinois (IL) and Los Angeles, California (CA). 
  • Other areas generally have lower than average income because the bulk of employment is concentrated in these cities. 
Architect Salary In UK : The average architect salary in UK is around 43,000 British Pound. In Canada, the average architect salary is $ 91,000 which is way higher than the salary in USA or UK. That is why, people may relocate to Canada for better job opportunities with a higher pay. In Australia, the average salary for architects is very close to the USA average. Similarly in Germany, the salary is 37,500 EUR. 

Architect Job Description : 
They make the plans of buildings and houses. They use specialized tools and equipment, like drafting table and drafter. They are experts in engineering drawing. Their main task is to draw a design plan for the building as requested for the client and then discuss with constructors and client about feasibility of a project. There are mainly three types of architects and we are not talking about software architects here. They are  - Landscape architects, Home ( residential architects ) and Naval architects ( they design the plans of ships and vessels ). 

How to become an Architect ? 
It is a time taking process. 
  • The first requirement is a Bachelor's degree in Architecture. If someone has done a Bachelors in some other field of study, then they have to do a Masters in Architecture. 
  • The, they have to do internship training under licensed architects for 2 to 3 years. This varies from country to country. 
  • Then, they have to pass the registration exam held by the state. 
This way they get the license to work as architects. Ten they can either work for firms and companies or start their own business. Clients meet with architects and they give quotes for their work. In a job, an architect gets salary, benefits and bonus. 3D home designer architects can get more money because they use CAD software for a clear 3D view of a future construction.