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EMT Salary, Training And Jobs After Certification

EMT salary and training. EMT stands for Emergency Medical Technician. They are health care professionals who provide emergency health care and first aid on spot to people in need. They are the ones who come in an ambulance when it is called, so they are also called as Ambulance Technician. Average EMT salary ranges from $ 20,000 to $ 70,000. This is a huge amount of variation. In some states, the average salary of EMTs is much higher than what the national average. That is why people who are employed in this field may contemplate moving to metropolitan cities.

Average EMT salary : 
National average EMT salary is $ 35,000. This corresponds to mean hourly salary of $ 16.8 or $ 17. Now, let us look at the regional variation of EMT salaries.

  • States that have a higher salary for job of EMT are Washington (WA), Oregon (OR), Nevada (NV), Colorado (CO), Illinois (IL), Louisiana (LA), Maryland (MD), Delaware (DE), New York (NY), Connecticut (CT), Massachusetts (MT) and also Alaska (AK). 
  • States where pay is less than average are Montana (MT), North Dakota (ND), South Dakota (SD), Kansas (KS) and Alabama (AL). 
  •  States like California (CA), Texas (TX), New Jersey (NJ ) and Florida (FL) have salaries around the average and above it. Texas has slightly lower average EMT salary than the other three. 
  • These four states have a large share of the total EMT employment. 
  • In California, Los Angeles has one of the highest pay in EMT jobs. 
EMT job description : EMT are emergency medical technician who come in an ambulance. They are trained to provide quick support to injured people. They also assist people who have suffered a heart attack, shock and such serious health issues for which people call an ambulance. Their job includes urgency. EMTs have to bear stress and have to perform in critical situations with less time on hand. Often, the life of a person is in their hands. With their expertise and training, they provide life support to diseased or injured person in the ambulance and take him or her to the hospital as quickly as possible. 

They are able to do these tasks due to rigorous training and practice. 

EMT Training : EMTs are trained in specialized training schools that offer quality training to prospective EMTs. Students enroll in these programs and get some hours of education and some hours of hands on practice. They can take a diploma or even a degree ( Associates ) in Emergency Medical Services. The training is rigorous. The number of hours of training program depend on the level of EMT that you are targeting. There are currently four types of EMTs. The basic ones are EMT - B and the expert ones are EMT - P or Paramedics as we know them better. 

After completing the classes and training, one can apply for licensing and registration. License is usually given after one gets certified. To get certified, one would have to pass a written and a practical test verifying your skills as an EMT. 
Often it happens that one can apply for jobs after certification only. Employers ensure certification as a requirement, whereas licensing is made mandatory by the state government.