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Flight Attendant Salary, Jobs And How To Become

Flight Attendant salary, jobs and how to become a Flight Attendant. They wear impressive uniforms and are the ones who perform many activities on a flight. Flight Attendants salary range is $ 27,000 to $ 70,000. Starting salary is often less than $ 30,000. The profession is tough and highly demanding. It is filled mostly by female and males are slowly increasing in number. Flight attendants also take care of the safety of a flight.

Average Salary :
The national average flight attendant salary is $ 37,000. Hourly salary is $ 18. Their salary depends on geographical region and the airline carrier in which they work. There is intense competition for the few job openings that are released from time to time.

Salary by state : 
Bulk of the total employment is concentrated in the huge metropolitan cities in about 10 states.

  • States with highest paying salary are Texas (TX) , Minnesota (MN) ,Indiana (IN) , Georgia (GA) and New Jersey (NJ). Salary is often high only in metro cities, like Atlanta in Georgia.
  • States with flight attendant salary lower than average are Utah (UT) and Colorado (CO). In Denver, CO, the salary is lower than the average of metros. 
Cities with the highest paying salary for flight attendants are Dallas and Houston in Texas (TX), New York city (NYC), Seattle, Washington (WA) and Rayleigh , North Carolina (NC). Annual salary is close to average in San Francisco , California and Chicago, Illinois.

Flight Attendant job description : They really have a lot of work to do. The job of a flight attendant can be tiring as they have to take care of passengers on each flight. These are the tasks they have to do.

  • They serve the passengers with everything the airline carrier has on its menu. So, they carry food and beverages like tea, soft drinks. 
  • They help passengers with safety. This is in regard to seat belts and making passengers comfortable during take off and landing. Take off of an aeroplane is usually shaky. 
  • They help moms with infants on the flight and also senior citizens. 
  • They also maintain peace and order in the flight. In case of any suspicion on any passenger, they keep an eye on the passenger. 
  • Flight attendants also pacify people who have fear of flying, which is a kind of phobia. 
The career is nice and most people report it as satisfying. There is a bit of glamour about this job because of the gorgeous costume they get to wear. The uniforms are custom designed by airline carriers to look great. 

How to become a flight attendant ? 
It depends on the hiring process of the airline carrier for which you are applying. There are a lot more applications than the number of jobs offered. 
  • The only requirements are a high school diploma and satisfying the height, weight and age criteria. They usually take slim and healthy young women. 
  • However, the chances of getting a job increase if you have a graduate degree, preferably in communications, sociology etc. 
  • Learning a foreign language is a great boost in landing a job.  
  • Professional training with an airline company really helps the most in getting a better job.