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Nutritionist Salary, Degree And Certification

Nutritionist salary, degree and certification. Nutritionist and dietitian are diet experts who advise people on how to eat healthy and live happily. They are hired by people to plan their diet for special purposes, like sports, weight loss or low sugar diet for diabetic patients. Their salary ranges from $ 34,000 to $ 77,000 in the USA. They have the option to take a job or work as self employed providing their advice to clients directly.

Average Salary : 
The national average Nutritionist salary is $ 55,000 which is decent. However, a lot of preparation is needed to become a nutritionist. Their hourly salary is $ 26. This job's salaries vary a lot from state to state.

Nutritionist salary by state : 

  • The highest paying states are the western coastal states of Alaska (AK), California (CA), Oregon (OR), Washington (WA) and also Nevada (NV). The salary is also high in eastern coastal states of New York (NY), Connecticut (CT), Delaware (DE), Rhode Island (RI), Massachusetts (MA) , New Jersey (NJ), Maryland (MD) and D.C. as well. 
  • Among these, the highest average nutritionist salary is in Maryland. 
  • States where salary is much lower than average are Pennsylvania (PA), South Carolina (SC) and Utah (UT). 
Cities with the highest salary are located in California (CA) like Vallejo, Santa Barbara, Oakland and Sacramento. However, the highest nutritionist salary is in Rockville, Maryland (MD). The salary is also higher in Las Vegas, Nevada and New York City (NYC) due to high demand of nutritionists an dietitians in the city. 

Nutritionist Job Description : They are trained in the nutritional qualities of different foods. So, they are able to create diet plans for various types of diverse requirements. They are thus hired in many firms, health clubs and also as personal nutritionists. Nutritionists have their niche and the salary varies by niche. 
  • Sports Nutritionist : They make diet plans for sportsperson and are a crucial member of any sports team, be it football or ice hockey. Average salary of sports nutritionist is $ 51,000. 
  • Clinical nutritionist are high in demand. They are employed in hospitals and nursing centers and the average salary is $56,000. 
  • Pediatric nutritionist salary ranges from $ 39,000 to $ 64,000 and it is well segregated depending upon the employer. The salary is high in federal government jobs. Pediatric or child nutritionist help parents to improve the nutrition in diet of an infant and as he or she grows. 
  • Veterinary nutritionist : They are vets ( doctors ) who are experts in nutrition requirements of animals, so they are also termed as animal nutritionists. People consult them for nutrition details of pets. They also advice on diet for farm animals etc. One may be surprised to know that veterinary nutritionists earn about $ 200,000 which is twice the six figure income. 
Requirements to become a nutritionist : The main requirement is to possess a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition Science. This is the preferred education. However, Bachelors degree in related streams like Food Service Management can also get you a job as nutritionist. In most US states, license is required to practice as a nutritionist. So, one has to find out the license requirements and complete them to obtain the required license. Most employers also require nutritionists to be certified nutritionist. For that, one has to pass a certification exam