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Paramedic Salary , Jobs And Training

Paramedic salary, jobs and training. Paramedics are actually EMT staff (Emergency Medical Technician ). They are more skilled EMT and are also called EMT-P. Paramedics are specialist and they can also administer medicine. Their salary range from $ 19,000 to $ 54,000. Paramedics who achieve another level of specialization, like Critical Care Paramedic earn more.

Average Salary : 
The national average paramedic salary in USA is $ 31,000. It is close to this value everywhere. In terms of hourly wage, they receive $ 14 per hour. The job requires handling pressure and nerves very well. It is one of the jobs where there is immense value of time. Decision making and excellent use of skills are required on a daily basis.

Salary by State for Paramedics : 

  • Highest paying states for Paramedics are similar to those for general EMT. The highest average pay is in Alaska (AK), Washington D.C. , Oregon (OR), Maryland (MD) and Hawaii (HI). 
  • Florida (FL), Colorado (CO), Minnesota (MN) , New York (NY) and California (CA) have average to above average salaries for paramedics. There is high employment scope in these states. 
Paramedic salary also depends on specialization that they achieve. 
  • Flight paramedic salary : They take patients in helicopters and planes. It is quite a thrilling job with many responsibilities. Flight paramedic salary is on average $ 36,000. This shows that the additional specialization and certification leads to rise in pay. 
  • Firefighter paramedic salary : They are firefighters who have the additional skill of paramedics. They earn more than $ 36,000 on average and the pay can increase up to $ 64,000. 
  • Critical Care Paramedics are highly paid in comparison to all other paramedics. Their salary is on average more than $ 50,000 in USA. But, Critical Care Paramedics require additional certification. 
  • International paramedic : These jobs are offered overseas. Some jobs are offered in non profit organizations that work for the benefit of people in remote areas. It is quite a challenging. The salary is obviously not definite and they depend from location to location and the employer. 
Paramedic salary in Canada : The average paramedic salary for paramedic in Canada is between $ 60,000 to $ 80,000. Specialist paramedics like critical care and advanced paramedics can make more than $ 100,000 in Canada. That is why some people think about moving to Canada if they are trained as paramedics. 

Paramedic Job Requirements : To become a paramedic, one needs to become an EMT and then rise through the levels ( EMT -B, EMT I - 85, EMT I/99 ) to EMT -P (Paramedic). The requirement to become a paramedic is to first be a certified EMT and then complete the number of hours of training for paramedic at a training school. This is done as a 2 year degree program in a college. After completing a series of certifications, like IV, and courses in Advanced Cardiac Life Support etc, one can apply for licensing exam. After getting licensed, one can apply for a job as paramedic. The education is costly so one should plan properly beforehand.