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Computer Science Salary And Degree

Computer Science salary is one of the highest average salaries for any job in the world. One of the most interesting things about computer science degree is that it offers excellent pay right after a college graduate degree. People who do masters and doctoral in computer science get even higher salaries. The salary is often  more than six figures. The salary of computer science graduates ranges from $ 57,000 to $ 150,000 and beyond. In many cases, the starting salary itself is $ 100,000 given the high demand versus scarcity of computer science majors.

Average Computer Science Salary : 
The national average salary of computer science degree holders is $ 102,000. This makes it one of the highest paying jobs on the basis of average salary in United States. And it is not that the software companies based in California are the only employers that pay this much. Computer Science graduates are hired by government, as scientists, and as teachers in universities and colleges.

Salary by state : 
Now, we explore the variation of computer science salary in different states of USA.

  • Surprisingly, the highest paying state is not California ( CA ). It is one of the highest paying states. The highest salary is in Minnesota (MN) where salary of computer science graduate is $ 130,000. Other states with higher salaries are Virginia ( VA), District of Columbia (D.C.) , New Jersey (NJ ) and California (CA). 
  • The salary is low in Kansas (KS), Tennessee (TN ), Texas (TX) , Utah (UT) and New York (NY ). 
  • The cities where the salary is highest are Oakland (CA), Minneapolis (MN) and San Francisco (CA). 
  • There are many locations in which is there is hardly any employment for computer scientists. 
Employment opportunities are good in California (CA), Texas (TX), New York (NY), Virginia (VA), Illinois (IL) and Washington (WA). 

Let us compare the salary in USA with salary in some other countries of the world. 
Computer Science salary in UK : The average salary for computer science professionals in UK is 50,000 british pound. 

Computer Science salary in Canada : The average salary here is $ 54,000. 

Computer Science degree:  Getting a degree in computer science is not easy. It is one of the challenging careers. Employers prefer to hire students who have studied from noted universities in this field. Albeit, there is very high employment opportunities , partly because of the complete dependence on computer systems and secondly because of the rapidly growing start-ups in this field. There is ample scope for research and application. 

Job description : This really depends on the industry and the kind of job that you are taking. Computer science as well as engineering have applications in almost every nook and corner of any industry. Our entire modern world runs on computers, simulations, programs and software. One can get a job in IT sector with one of the many firms . One can become a research scientist in technical universities. One can take up the job of a teacher or professor in universities. 

Computer Science is often compared with com puter engineering which is an equally rewarding profession.