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Financial Analyst Salary And Job Description

Financial Analyst salary is handsome. It is one of the high paying jobs. Financial Analyst salary range is from $ 47,000 to $ 150,000 and it is quite evenly spread out. Financial analysts are highly valued in many firms. They are the leading people to consult before making investments. They are the ones who analyze the market ( stock market, bond market, housing market etc ) and other elements of finance and trade. Thus, they help companies and individuals on investment strategies.

Average Salary : 
The national average financial analyst salary is $ 90,000. This puts the job of financial analyst among the higher paying jobs.

Salary by state :
Financial analyst salary variation by state is as follows.

  • States where salary is high are Texas (TX), Virginia (VA), New York (NY), Connecticut (CT), Massachusetts (MA), New Jersey (NJ), D.C. , Colorado (CO), Wyoming (WY), California (CA), Oregon (OR), Washington (WA) and Alaska (AL).  
  • States where the salary is low are South Dakota (SD), Mississippi (MI), Kentucky (KY), West Virginia (WV). 
  • By far the highest salary is in the state of New York in White Plains. Other metropolitan areas where salary is high are San Francisco (CA), Bridgeport (CT), Portland (OR) and obviously New York City (NYC). 
  • Employment opportunities are great in metropolitan areas of New York City (NYC), Washington D.C. , Los Angeles (CA), Dallas (TX) and in Atlanta (GA). 
There is quite a difference in salary of financial analysts based on their credentials and experience. 
  • Chartered financial analyst salary is much more than non-chartered financial analysts. CFA is the designation that they receive after completion of the program and a test. 
  • Senior financial analyst salary is higher than the average national salary. The salary increases with level of education (Masters degree ) and by working for a larger firm. 
  • Junior financial analyst salary is lower than the national average. Starting salary or entry level salary is close to $ 50,000. 
In fact, most financial analysts work to get certified. A recognized designation helps to get employed at a notable company and get more salary. 

Job requirements and description : The basic requirement is bachelor's degree in finance, accounting or business administration. However, it may not be sufficient to get a great job. One has to cruise through certification process and also prove through excellent performance. The job requires analysing the different kinds of markets on a stock market, managing a company's investment portfolio and guiding investors in better investment strategies.
There are stock exchanges in different parts of the world. Financial analysts are therefore in many parts of the world. The salary of financial analyst in UK in a major firm is around 60,000 British pound. In Germany, the salary of financial analyst is around 45,000 EURO. 

Financial analysts are very important people in a company. They handle money matters and how the firm looks to investors. They are of two types - buy side analysts and sell side analysts. They are also hired by insurance companies, credit rating companies and credit inter mediation.